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Cracked road calls

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URGENT action is being called for in Eaglesfield after a section of newly repaired began to crack open at a busy junction.

Part of the B722, near the village shop, has cracked open down the centre and is sliding onto the pavement.
The area was only repaired in mid July following issues with potholes, but just a few days after the contractors left cracks started to appear and expand.
And the situation has steadily declined over the summer with part of the road sliding and pushing up onto the pavement, alarming villagers.
Kirtle and Eaglesfield community councillor Elaine Irving this week said: “They came along and fixed the road after they were having trouble with potholes.
“When it was fixed, it just got worse again and very quickly.”
She is concerned about the impact on road users and said: “I believe that it would do some damage to the cars that use this road, and it is a busy road, and it presents a danger to bike users as well.”
Villager Chris Rivett lives beside the B722 and said: “This started to show after four days and looks like it could be a risk to cyclists, who use this road regularly.
“I just want it sorted. Water from the road during heavy rain now runs down and onto our wall, and that in the long term will do some damage.”
And community council chairman Gordon Patterson has called for immediate action to stop the road sliding even more.
Responding, a spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway Council said: “We are aware of certain issues on this part of the B722 and they have been recently inspected and a plan of required repairs will be implemented soon.
“The work plan is dependent on completion of other planned works.”

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