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Check your keepsakes

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DO you have an unusual item that has been inherited from friends or family, or a memento that you have had for years and cannot bear to part with?

A competition is now on to find the UK’s most unusual keepsakes with Dumfriesshire residents urged to get involved. From lockets to old postcards, keepsakes can be reminder of a special moment, a time in our lives we don’t want to fade or a memory of a loved one we don’t want to forget.

And organisers Space Station are looking for members of the public to submit a photo of a keepsake that has a special story attached to it or something that may have sentimental meaning to the owner, as well as the story behind the memento.

The winner will receive a £100 Not on the High Street voucher and a chance for your beloved item to feature in the UK’s most treasured keepsakes roundup. Spokesman Vlatka Lake said: “As a self storage company we are used to discovering the strange and wonderful items that people have kept over the years. We’re hoping this competition will give people the opportunity to reveal their hidden gems and share some interesting stories with us that would otherwise have gone untold.”

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