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Car theft warning

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A SPATE of thefts from cars in Annan this week has sparked a police warning to keep valuables out of vehicles.

Four cars were targeted by thieves between Monday night and Tuesday morning in various parts of the town.

Costume jewellery and a bank card were stolen from a black Peugeot 308 on Springbells Road; two sat navs were taken from a black VW Golf parked on Kennels Road; and another sat nav was taken from a blue Audi A4 parked on Guyshill.
Speaking earlier in the week, PC Andy Aitken said: “Clearly someone is sneaking about the town through the night and stealing from cars that are not secure.
“We urge anyone leaving their car to ensure that it is locked up and any valuables are either removed or placed out of sight in the vehicle, as the value of the thefts are mounting and are well into the hundreds of pounds now.”
Since his warning yet another theft has been reported with a Nextbase dash cam worth over £200 taken from a silver coloured VW Golf while it was parked in the Battery Street area of Annan on Monday.
And Constable Emma-Jayne Neylon yesterday repeated the warnings and appealed for information and witnesses to the latest incident.
She said: “This is a theft which appears to have happened during the day on Monday while the owner was at work.
“Again, we strongly advise in making sure that when you leave your vehicle, you check it is secure and any valuables removed or placed out of sight.
“We would like to encourage anyone who has seen anything suspicious to call Police Scotland at Annan on the 101 number, and to appeal to anyone else who has had this happen to them to come forward.
“They may feel embarrassed or feel that it is their own fault for not locking their car, but it is still an offence that should be reported.”

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