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Campaigners call for end to hunt law loophole

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A CAMPAIGN will be on the streets of Dumfries this weekend with a petition calling for a full ban on fox hunting in Scotland.

Mascot Fergus the Fox and members of the League Against Cruel Sports will be on the High Street at midday on Saturday to generate support to strengthen the law against fox hunting.
It was brought in 15 years ago, but opponents say loopholes have allowed hunts to continue in much the same way as they did before.
And league members are now putting pressure on the Scottish Government to change the law to make it fit for purpose.
Director Robbie Marsland said: “In 2002 we thought we had a law which would stop the chasing and killing of foxes for sport. Sadly this has not been the case and hunts continue to encourage packs of hounds to chase and kill foxes across the Scottish countryside.
“There does seem to be an appetite within the Scottish Government to strengthen the law which we welcome. However, it is critical that proposals to regulate hunting are shelved in favour of making changes which will really ban fox hunting in Scotland”.
Local League representative Tom Kearney added: “Recently, there was a shocking case where a hunt chased a fox into a back garden in Dumfries.
“We need to make people aware that foxhunting continues and that hunts go out twice a week to try and kill foxes with dogs. By signing our petition the Scottish public will let MSPs know that this is unacceptable.”

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