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Bright future for artist

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A CAREER as an artist is taking form for a talented Dalbeattie student.

David Rae’s four years’ of work studying at Gray’s School of Art was showcased at the annual Degree Show in Aberdeen recently.
The 21-year-old said: “I always wanted to go to art school, but more specifically I wanted to focus solely on painting and this course gave me that opportunity.
“I loved the feeling of the place when I had my interview and I’m still extremely pleased with Gray’s as my chosen art school.”
A selection of David’s work, which is landscape-based and focuses on his interests outside of his studies, was exhibited as part of last month’s show.
He said: “My work has always been very landscape based, current influences often include my interests outwith painting.
“Sport is a large theme in my work at the present moment and some places from my childhood feature in certain paintings.”
Looking back on his studies, David added: “I’ve really enjoyed the course, being on a course with only 15 – 20 others I think is perfect as you get to know everyone well but there’s still enough variation in the group.”
He is now looking to the future and hoping to refine his craft and develop the skills he has learned at Gray’s.
He said: “My plan is to hopefully do some residencies in the couple of years after and hopefully in the long run have a successful practice as an artist – however, I’m very aware that that is much easier said than done.”

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