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Being best friends is secret of long marriage

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A FALL and a two month stint in hospital was not enough to keep a Beattock couple apart on their 60th wedding anniversary.

After four years of courting, Thomas and Barbara Mears tied the knot on October 5 1957 at the Methodist Church in Westhoughton, Bolton.

The couple went on to have five children, three grandchildren and a greatgrandaughter and have spent the past 20 years happily retired and living in Beattock.

But two months before their milestone diamond anniversary disaster struck when Barbara suffered a fall.

Daughter Gillian said: “We were visiting friends and when mum got out the car she lost her balance and fell, she cracked her head on the pavement. “We called an ambulance right away. It was just awful to see.”

Mrs Mears suffered a broken hip and shoulder and faced a lengthy stint in three different hospitals to recover.

Gillian said: “My mum had had all five of her children at home so this was her first hospital stay. She’s had several operations while inside and spent her 80th birthday in there too. We brought her a cake and tried to make the most if it.

“But she was determined to get out for her diamond anniversary and spend it with my dad. She didn’t want to let that milestone pass with no celebration.”

Mr and Mrs Mears were able to celebrate 60 years of marriage together with family at their local, The Old Stables Inn.

Gillian said: “She’s still not 100 per cent but she was determined to do something and she even treated herself to a wee dram, which was well deserved in my opinion.”

Mrs Mears is now on the road to recovery and Gillian said: “She’s got months of physio ahead of her but dad will be there every step of the way, as well as us children.

“We’re all just happy to have her home.”

And when asked what her mum and dad’s secret to a long and happy marriage was, Gillian said: “They’re best friends. And who could ask for better than being married to your best friend?”

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