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‘Too dangerous’ to drive

Section:  Annan and Eskdale, Dumfries and West, Lockerbie and Lochmaben

ROAD rage is mounting in the region as pothole woes reach new depths . . . and lengths!

ROAD rage is mounting in the region as pothole woes reach new depths . . . and lengths!

In Dalton, a churned up road is so awful that a taxi driver has refused to drive it, leaving a disabled woman struggling to get out and about.

Wilma Scott, 35, who has Down’s Syndrome, is picked up from her home on the Dalton Hook to Bengal road three times a week by taxi to take her to the Annan Activity and Resource Centre to take part in a varied programme of activities for adults with disabilities and complex needs.

But the taxi driver has had to withdraw his services claiming the road is too dangerous to drive.

And the decision has left Wilma and her family in limbo.

POTHOLE PERIL . . . Moria and Wilma Scott are calling on the council to fix their road 

Mum Moira said: “She relies on routine so it’s been a nightmare trying to juggle how to get her there.

“She loves going to ARC, it means so much to her and she’s very concerned and we’re just having to tell her that it will be ok.

“You can’t blame the taxi driver really, no one would think it’s wise to drive up this road.

“I’m just very disappointed that the road has been left to get into this state.”

Meanwhile joking reports of potholes as big as the ‘Channel Tunnel’ have been reported in Lochmaben’s Annandale Crescent.

And Dumfries and Galloway Council’s official Facebook page is adorned with pothole and road gripes from locals in the royal burgh and further afield.

In response a council spokeswoman blamed the recent spate of bad weather for wrecking roads and says the local authority are doing everything they can to fix them up.

She said: “We have experienced extreme weather conditions over the past weeks that has led to a signi cant increase in damage to the road network.

“The number of potholes appearing has increased significantly.”

She added: “Enterprising DG workforce has been deployed on winter service for a significant period and therefore re- pairs have been restricted due to their availability.

“Additional squads are now out across the region, 14 in total, in an attempt to clear the backlog.

“Squads are also out carrying out the programme of planned structural overlays, as reported to EEI Committee in January 2018, which will also reduce the number of defects.”

It’s National Pothole Day 2018 on March 8 and we’re calling on our readers to help us find the region’s worst pothole!

Send us your pothole peril pictures to [email protected] or Facebook before Monday March 5.

Remember to tell us where your pothole is, how long it’s been there and feel free to get cre- ative with your pictures.

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