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4g impact on TV signal

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NEW fourth generation mobile services, known as 4G, have now been switched on in Dalbeattie to give faster access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets.

But there was a warning this week that some Freeview TV viewers may find their signal interrupted as a result.

At800, which was set up under Government direction to ensure viewers who rely on Freeview for TV can continue to receive it, say there is a small chance that some 4G mobile signals transmitted at 800 MHz will cause interference.

Signs to look out for are loss of sound, pictures going blocky, freezing or the TV screen going blank or showing a ‘No Signal’ message.

However, At800 are offering free support to anyone affected, as well as extra support for the elderly and those that receive disability premiums.

CEO Ben Roome said: “If you rely on Freeview for TV, we can arrange for one of our accredited engineers to visit homes to fix Freeview interference caused by 4G signals, free of charge.

“If you use Freeview alongside other TV services, we can send free filters which block mobile signals.”

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that cable and satellite TV is not affected.

For more information, visit or call 0808 1313800.

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