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ELECTION ’17: Posts from the count

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THE DnG24 team reported live from the Dumfries Easterbrook Hall count on election night.

Election night live

6.32 am: Re-elected MP David Mundell giving a series of TV and radio interviews live at the Easterbrook Hall about his own result and the impact of results across the country.

5.50am: David Mundell has taken the DCT seat for the fourth time. With 24000 plus votes.

5.40am: Alister Jack is the Dumfries and Galloway winner.

4.35am: The count is still going on and the 3.30 am to 4.30 am announcement goal has passed

4.16am: Winners look set to be announced shortly

4.05 am: Dumfries MSP Oliver Mundell, supporting his father at the count, has a busy two days ahead after his late night at Easterbrook Hall. He’s attending a ceremony at which his sister Eve will be admitted as a solicitor in Edinburgh later today and going round Lockerbie Riding of the Marches on horseback this Saturday.

4.00am: The local Labour group are all smiles watching their party do well nationally but both of the region’s seats look set to go to Conservative candidates

3.58am: A 3.30 am vote reveal is out of the question

3.45am: Candidates of all parties at Eastebrook are gathered to watch the results unfold nationally

2.30am : Tory D&G candidate Alister Jack says he is ‘quietly optimistic’

2.10am: 72.4 per cent voter turn out in DCT

2.07am: Applause for D&G’s Alister Jack as he arrives

1.42am: 69.6 per cent voter turn out in Dumfries and Galloway, equal to 51,644 votes

1.32am: Dumfries and Galloway candidate Richard Arkless in the building hoping to hold his seat

1.07 am: David Mundell, Mairi McAllan and John Ferry are in the building – we’re just waiting on Labour candidate Douglas Beattie

12.53am: Tory sources tell us they’re “feeling confident” about the Dumfriesshire seat result ahead of the imminent arrival of candidate David Mundell

12.09am: The count’s in full swing at the Easterbrook Hall with results for both seats expected at approx 4am

12.22am: We are getting exit poll reaction.

Former Labour MP Russell Brown says: “My initial thoughts were I could hardly understand it and hardly believe it. I think it will be split into two different elections, one is Scotland and one down south. The poll has been a surprise t


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