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£1.6m car park cheer

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A £1.6 MILLION extra car park for Lockerbie Railway Station is in the pipeline. Land at nearby Sydney Place is set to be transformed into a much needed overflow car park.

At last week’s meeting of the regional transport group, SWestrans, Lockerbie railway’s parking woes were discussed.

It will costs £1.6 million to create the new overflow site, which has been labelled ‘phase three’ of plans to improve the area’s parking offering.

Meanwhile, ‘phase two’ is also in place and will see the existing car park next to the northern track re-jigged to create extra spaces at a cost of £505,000.

A council spokeswoman said: “The SWestrans Board agreed at its June 2017 meeting to continue progressing Phase 2 and Phase 3—Sydney Place in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council and other organisations, with a view to looking at all funding streams available to ensure that any work undertaken was both cost effective and sustainable.

“The estimated cost of Phase 2 has risen from the previous £153,000 to £505,000 and an estimate of some £1.6 million to develop/build Phase 3–Sydney Place.”

She added: “This level of expenditure is outwith the annual funding available to SWestrans and meetings have taken place with both Dumfries and Galloway Council and Network Rail to seek additional funding support.”

The required land next to the southern rail line is yet to be bought, but Annandale North Councillor Adam Wilson believes the car park could be a winning solution for the town.

He said: “This would be an excellent long stay car park option for anyone parking and catching a train to the airport or going to a city for a few days.

“At the moment, unless a bridge was built, parkers would have to cross the bridge at Bridge Street and walk over to the station. “But I do think it’s a good idea, especially for long stay.”

He added: “It is reassuring that plans are in the pipeline to create more parking spaces at Lockerbie Railway Station.

“This is something I have campaigned heavily on and will continue to do so.

“Bringing together ScotRail, Network Rail, the council and SWestrans has been a challenge but progress has been made and that must be recognised.

“All stakeholders will work together to find the money required for the additional spaces and I will work to support these efforts.”

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